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Paper Statement Fee

Starting with the October statements that are mailed in November, we will begin charging a $1 monthly fee for all paper statements. The fee will be waived for members who are under 19 or over 64 years old, or who have completed their eStatement enrollment by the last day of the month during the statement period.


Switching to eStatements is environmentally friendly, improves personal security, and creates a strong Credit Union. Read more about the fee here. 


Refer a Friend to the CU Revolution!

Refer a friend or family member to leave their bank and change the world! This August, Credit Unions reached 100 Million Memberships in the US. Help us spread the word about the Credit Union Revolution and encourage Americans to vote for local banking alternatives by moving their money! Go to the CU Revolution Page. 


Win all Summer with Passport Unlimited Savings & Contests!

Get to know Passport Rewards for FFCU Visa Credit Cards and win prizes all summer long! If you have a Visa credit card, just sign in to our Passport Rewards site each month to be automatically entered into the month’s contest. Visit the Passport site in August for a chance to win 4 Tickets to the Legoland Discovery Center and a $125 gift certificate to a family-friendly Passport restaurant!

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