Credit Union Membership as an Employee Benefit.

Offering Credit Union Membership to Your Employees

As a financial institution that was originally created for the employees of AT&T Teletype corporation, First Financial has a long history of working with employers to provide unique benefits. Credit Union partnership is free to your organization and pairs well with any employee discounts, health care, and retirement benefits you’re already offering. Plus, our partnered Select Employer Groups (SEGs) can share a trusted source of financial information and services with their employees.

When your organization becomes a SEG partner with First Financial, all of your employees become eligible for membership. Plus, we can provide customized financial products, seminars and sponsorships.

Popular Services

Some of the most popular services we offer our SEGs include:

  • Enrollment Days and Membership Information Sessions
  • Financial Education Seminars on Saving and Budgeting, Credit Building, Identity Theft Protection, and more.
  • Payroll Check Cashing and Direct Deposit Processing
  • Company Event Attendance or Sponsorship
  • Financial Education Blog Posts

Marketing Available for Partners

We have information available for you to put in your print or online employee benefit packages, websites, and newsletters. We also have opportunities for companies to promote their services to our membership. Some of the most commonly-used materials we have include:

  • Articles about First Financial, Membership, and Personal Finance
  • Personalized Marketing Campaigns
  • First Financial Membership, Product and Service Brochures
  • Newsletter Articles
  • Web and Print Graphics

Getting Started

Becoming a partner of First Financial is easy. After meeting with the credit union to make sure the partnership is a good fit, your organization submits a letter of request that is approved by our Board of Directors.

Our VP of Member Relations, Stephanie Bertelsen, is available to provide information about becoming a SEG or to talk about your company’s needs from a financial institution. She can be contacted at 773-565-2000 extension 0209 or by emailing