Save to Win

Save to Win

There's nothing to lose with Save to Win.

Sometimes we need a little extra nudge to add to that savings stash we’ve been meaning to start. Whether it’s an emergency or vacation fund, Save to Win is the answer!

Save to Win is a program that gives you a chance to win monthly and quarterly prizes every time you add to your Certificate of Deposit (CD).  Open a special Save to Win CD and for every $25.00 you deposit into the account, you will be entered into the contest – up to 100 entries per month.

Talk to a member of our team at a branch or by calling 773-565-2000 to open your Save to Win account.

About the Account

The Save to Win account is a 12-month certificate that you can open with as little as $25. Because it’s a special account, some things are a little different than our typical CD.

  • Deposits can be made throughout the term of the CD.
  • For every $25 deposit, you’ll earn one entry into the savings raffle – up to 100 per month/300 per quarter/1200 annual.
  • One withdrawal can be made during the term of the CD for a $25 penalty.2
  • Dividends are compounded and credited every quarter at a rate of 0.15% APY*.

150 Monthly Winners


21 Quarterly Winners


6 Quarterly Winners


1 Quarterly Winner


1: APY = Annual Percentage Rate. The APY is the percentage rate that reflects the total amount of dividends to be paid on an account based on the rate and frequency of compounding for an annual period. For all accounts, the dividend rate and APY are fixed and will be in effect for the initial term of the accounts. For accounts subject to dividends, compounding the APY is based on the assumption that dividends will remain on deposit until maturity. Dividends will not be paid if the account is closed at any time prior to maturity. Withdrawals may reduce earnings.


2: During the term of the Save to Win Certificate, account holders will be allowed to make one withdrawal from the account, with a $25.oo penalty to be assessed at the time of the withdrawal. If the early withdrawal reduces the principle below the minimum balance or a second withdrawal is performed in the 12-month term, the certificate will be closed. The credit union will deduct from the principle amount to cover the penalty.


Effective 04/01/2023


See all contest rules here.