Watch your savings grow.

Savings Accounts

Save more with our savings accounts and clubs. we consistently work hard to keep our rates competitive and help you earn more with your investment.

  • Regular Share Savings
  • Additional Savings
  • Christmas Club

Once you’re a member, you can open a new Savings account in online banking.

Youth Savings

We offer UTMA Share accounts to help you save for your child. This custodial account allows you to put money in a child’s name, with the added security of having a custodian on the account until the child turns 21.

Anyone is able to open a UTMA savings, including parents, guardians, family and friends.

Save to Win

Sometimes we need a little extra nudge to add to that savings stash we’ve been meaning to start. Whether it’s an emergency or vacation fund, Save to Win is the answer!


Save to Win is a program that gives you a chance to win monthly and quarterly prizes every time you add to your Save to Win CD.