Certificate of Deposit


When you want to earn a higher interest rate on your savings, consider a Certificate of Deposit (CD). A CD is a fixed savings account that earns interest based on your balance and the term of the account.

A CD is perfect for your longer term savings goals, like creating a fund for your child’s or grandchild’s college education. It can also help you save for a down payment on a car or home quicker with its higher rate and limited withdrawals.

You can start a certificate with as little as $1,000. All deposits are federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), so you have peace of mind that your savings are safe with First Financial.

If you are a current member, you can immediately open a CD in online banking by selecting New Accounts and then More Certificate Info. Transfer funds from one of your other FFCU accounts to open the certificate or set up an Account-to-Account transfer to easily and securely transfer funds from another financial institution.


Rates & Terms

Certificate Rates - Effective Saturday, October 19, 2019
Certificate TermAPYMinimum Deposit
12 MONTH CERTIFICATE1.800%$1,000.00
18 MONTH CERTIFICATE1.850%$1,000.00
24 MONTH CERTIFICATE1.900%$1,000.00
36 MONTH CERTIFICATE2.100%$1,000.00
48 MONTH CERTIFICATE2.200%$1,000.00

APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Early withdrawal penalties may reduce earnings. Subject to change at any time.

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