Savings Accounts

Savings Account

Save more with our savings accounts and clubs. We consistently work hard to keep our rates competitive for our members and help you earn more with your investment.

When you open a Regular Share savings account, you become a member and part owner of GLCU. You’ll gain access to all of our services and the perks of supporting a local, cooperative banking option that was created to benefit our members, not management or stock holders.

Once you’ve confirmed you’re eligible, we make opening an account easy. All we need is some basic information, a copy of a government-issued ID and a $5 deposit. You can start the process online, over the phone, or in one of our branches. If you’d like to see all the ways we can save you money, our Member Service Representatives will take the time to identify which accounts are best for you and your savings or financial goals.



Types of Savings Accounts

Regular Share

Opening a Regular Share with a $5 minimum deposit makes you a member and part owner of the credit union. You can set up a direct deposit or regular transfers to this account to grow your savings. With your membership, you can also use any of our services or apply for additional accounts or loans at our great rates.


Share Savings

The Share Saving account can be opened in addition to your Regular Share account. This additional savings account is a great option if you’re looking to to save for emergencies, travel, education or a down payment and want to keep your funds separate from your other savings.


Christmas Club

Our Christmas Club is a special savings club that helps you prepare for holiday shopping. By making periodic deposits or setting up a direct deposit into this account, you can have a designated amount of money that will be ready and waiting for you at the end of the year. Your savings will be automatically transferred to your Regular Share account on November 1st, just in time for holiday spending.


Savings Account Fees


DescriptionFee Details
Item Returned Unpaid Fee (non-sufficient funds)$32.00/item
Item Paid Using Unavailable Funds (must qualify)$32.00/item
Stop Payment$32.00/item
Money orders$2.00 each
GLCU Bank Checks2 free per visit, $2.00 per check thereafter
Paper Statement Fee, waived for members under 19 years old, over 64 years old, or with a checking account.$1.00
Account closure within 90 days of opening$15.00
Dormant account fee$10.00 per month

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