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Join Us at the Annual Membership Meeting!

One of the most important principles of a cooperative is Democratic Member Control. As a financial cooperative, we are controlled by our members – you! – who use the services of the credit union and actively participate in setting policies and making decisions.

A great way to help us make decisions is by attending the Annual Membership Meeting. Please join us for the meeting on Thursday, February 27th starting at 5pm at our Main Branch on Peterson Ave. We’ll serve refreshments, talk through the credit union’s performance in 2013, and open the floor to suggestions, concerns and ideas from our members and owners. You can make a difference and we want to hear from you, so don’t miss the Annual Membership Meeting! RSVP Here


Credit Guard Now Available for FFCU Loans

Taking out a loan can be a financial gamble because life happens.  You’re betting you can pay back your loan and you won’t lose your job (to no fault of your own), or become disabled (due to injury or illness), or pass away—which could leave your family responsible for your loan balance.

Credit Guard is a voluntary loan-payment protection product that helps preserve your family’s standard of living and helps give you relief from financial burdens if a protected life event such as disability, loss of life, or involuntary unemployment happens to you. Read More

Instructions for 1099-INT Form Recipients

If you are enrolled for e-statements, you will be receiving 1099-INT tax forms with your December e-statement. To read the “Instructions for Recipient” information from the back of a standard 1099-INT form,, please click this link to go to the IRS publication. These instructions explain how to read the tax information that will appear at the end of your December statement.