Auto Loan

What is it?

 An Auto Loan will help you finance up to 100% your new or used vehicle, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle at a low rate and with flexible terms.


We also work with first-time auto buyers who have little to no credit history by offering flexible approval criteria such as grade point average, student status, and FFCU history, in conjunction with any credit bureau records.


For members who are rebuilding their credit, we offer a Credit Repair Auto Loan. We’ll work with you on the terms of these loans to get you in a car that you can afford and that you can rely on to get your from point A to point B, both in life and in your financial health.


What does it come with?

Low rates starting at 2.99% APR for both new and used auto loans. Friendly service from our loan staff who can also

Optional Services to Help You Buy and Protect Your Vehicle and Loan:

Apply-OnlineHow do I get one?

It’s easy! There are 3 easy ways to apply:

  • Online Application
  • Call us at 773-565-2000
  • Stop in at a Branch 
  • What we need to complete your application:
    • Photo ID
    • A recent paystub
    • Insurance for your vehicle
    • Bill of Sale or statement from current auto finance company
    • You don’t have to be a member to apply, but you will need a membership before we can disburse funds.