Paper Statement Fee

Starting with the October statements that are mailed in November, we will begin charging a $1 monthly fee for all paper statements. The fee will be waived for members who are under 19 or over 64 years old, those who have a checking account or who have completed their eStatement enrollment by the last day of the month during the statement period.


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The Reasons FFCU is Charging a Paper Statement Fee

We don’t like charging our members new fees. Here are the reasons we have decided to implement this one and encourage e-statements as an alternative:


 LeafEnvironmentally Friendly

Converting all the paper statements we send to eStatements would save more than 50 trees, plus fuel, each year! We typically send 85,000 statement pages in over 55,000 envelopes – that really adds up!


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Our tree estimate was based on the American Forest & Paper Association’s facts using 6 inch diameter trees.

lock  Improved Personal Security

Your financial security is a top concern for the Credit Union. Switching to eStatements can give you added peace of mind because it eliminates the chance of your Credit Union statements being stolen from your mailbox. In 2013, more than 500,000 victims of identity theft reported mails as the source of fraud.


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Reported on the USPS website

FICreates a Stronger Credit Union

We are a not-for-profit financial cooperative, which means any “profits” we earn goes back to you, our members and owners, in the form of better products and services, lower fees, and better rates. First Financial currently spends over $25,000 each year to print and mail paper statements. That money will now be used to give you even better products and services.


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How to Avoid the Fee

If you are under 19 or over 64 years old, you will not be charged a statement fee. Additionally, members with checking accounts will not be charged the fee. If you are 19 to 64 years old, you can avoid the fee by opening a checking account with a Member Service Representative or enrolling for eStatements.

To enroll in eStatements:

  • Sign in to It’s Me 247 online banking. If you’ve never signed in before, or it’s been a long time, you may need to call us at 773-565-2000 to have your password reset.
  • Click the eStatements tab in the top navigation bar after you’ve logged in
  • Select the “Enroll Now” button
  • Read the disclosures and enter your email address, then select “Accept”
  • You will then be enrolled in eStatements. You will receive an email when your eStatement is ready at the beginning of the month, typically on the 2nd or 3rd. Return to the eStatements tab in Online Banking to view your statement.


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Details About the Fee and How it is Charged

The $1 paper statement fee will be charged to your membership’s Regular Share account and is charged per membership, not per account. If you have multiple sub accounts (share draft, vacation club, loan), you will only be charged $1 when your statement is printed for all sub accounts. The fee is charged to your Regular Share when a paper statement is printed for your membership, within 3 business days after the end of your statement period.

  • Members who only have share and certificate of deposit accounts, or who do not have activity on share draft accounts within 90 days, have quarterly statement periods.
  • Members with loans or share draft accounts that have activity during the last 90 days have monthly statement periods

Because the fee is posted to accounts as paper statements are being printed, you will see it recorded on the month after that statement period that is being charged. Example: the fee for an October statement will be posted to your account at the beginning of November when the statement is printed. You will then see the fee on your November statement, which is delivered at the beginning of December.