Kangaroo Club

Kirby KangarooHey Kids! We are excited to tell you about The Kirby Kangaroo Club, a savings club that is designed especially for kids age 12 and under who are serious about saving money.

As a member of the Kirby Kangaroo Club, you’ll get your very own Kirby Kangaroo Membership Card and Passbook. You will also get special Kirby Credits every time you deposit money into your savings account. You can use these credits to buy cool Kirby Kangaroo stuff, like t-shirts, gumball machines, bags, and activity books. Every 3 months you’ll also get a newsletter in the mail that has games for you to play and activities for you to try.


Ask your parents if you can visit Kirby online. Just click on the picture of Kirby above. You’ll get to read about all of Kirby’s adventures, play games, print off coloring pages and read jokes. If you know a funny joke, you can submit it on the website for other Kirby Kangaroo Club Members to see!


What You Get When You Sign Up:

  • A membership card and club passbook to keep track of withdrawals and deposits
  • A quarter saver to keep loose change before bringing it in to a CU branch
  • Your choice between a shirt, school pouch or string bag
  • 1 Kirby Credit for each $5 that is deposited into your savings account


Want to know what you can get with your Kirby Credits? Take a look here!


Hey Parents! Want to get a child involved in the Kirby Kangaroo club? All you need to do is bring the following to any branch:

  • a copy of your ID
  • the child’s social security card
  • $5 deposit


This service is totally free and best of all, while they’re having fun, your child, grandchild, nephew or niece will be learning good financial management skills!



Money Mission

Start Your Money Mission!

student avatar

Money Mission is an online simulation that teaches real life financial skills. Teens create an avatar and live, work and make real life financial decisions in the game’s simulated village, Mission Heights. Money Mission gives players an opportunity to consider the financial obligations they face and how they will deal with them in real life.

During the 14 week playing session, players are encouraged to make a wide range of decisions, including buying a car, trading stocks, and holding down a job. The choices players make are tied to their avatar’s happiness meter, a barometer designed to demonstrate how good financial decisions require life balance. Those who navigate this simulated world successfully will have a chance to win a state-level scholarship!

Money Mix

Money MixBlog, blog, blog. Not blah, blah, blah
Getting smart about money often means slogging through countless pages of required reading in school. Isn’t that why many young adults don’t enjoy learning about money management? The blogger in MoneyMix™: Launch Your Life make learning about money interesting. They’re young adults like you, sharing financial advice based on their own life experiences. They write as if they’re talking to a friend about topics such as the pains of moving, car trouble, and “I want it now!” when shopping.

Money Mix is filled with information for young adults ages 15-30 who want to know how to manage their money. Calculators, videos, budget work sheets, and real-life articles help you make the right financial call. Visit Money Mix by clicking the link below and add it on your “favorites” list today for easy access to money info when you need it.

Money Mix

Brass: Young Today, Rich Tomorrow

Brass is a publication that is about young adults, money, and how it affects our lives. The best thing about the magazine is that it’s made entirely by young adults including the graphics, stories, and editing. Take a look at the website to find some great articles and blogs on managing money, getting through financial landmarks, and setting yourself up to be financially successful.

The Brass philosophy:
Regardless of gender, political background, or religious orientation, money is a factor in everyone’s life. Despite its strong influence, learning how to make money work for us has been all but overlooked. Many young adults find themselves burdened from overspending and buried under piles of credit card debt to the point of declaring bankruptcy. With a mission to make money interesting, simple and relevant, brass covers fundamental money issues that apply to young adults and features up-and coming young adults making a difference.