Checking Accounts

What is it?

Our High 5 Checking account is a free, high yield checking that rewards members for frequent use. If you use your debit card regularly, prefer e-statements and use ATMs to get cash: stick that hand up, you’re ready for a High 5!


For members who prefer a simple, free account, try our Basic Checking.


What does it come with?


How do I get it?

  1. Fill out our checking account application and submit it at a branch or by mail. Or submit this request  and we’ll mail you a copy to fill out.
  2. Have an active E-Statement Enrollment
  3. Make 15 Signature-based debit card transactions each month
    • If you don’t have e-statements or make 15 debit transactions, you won’t be charged a fee, you just won’t receive interest on your balance or ATM fee reimbursements during those months.




* APY = Annual Percentage Yield

** APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates may vary. Standard credit requirements apply. Some restrictions may apply.