Catch the Save Wave with National Youth Month!

The sun’s out and we’re getting ready for summer to arrive! We’re celebrating the Credit Union National Association’s National Youth Month, and that means great giveaways and fun ways to save for our young members with this year’s theme, Catch the Save Wave!

When you make a deposit to a Minor or UTMA account in April, you’ll also get a Catch the Save Wave Beach Ball and temporary tattoo! Deposits must be made at a branch to get this giveaway.

Make a deposit during Youth Week – April 20th – 26th – and we’ll deposit and extra $5! Deposits must be mailed or made in person to get the extra deposit to your Minor or UTMA account. Limit of one $5 deposit from FFCU per member.

Our top 10 savers in April, under the age of 18, will get a Youth Month beach bag filled with fun beachwarelike towels, frisbees, earbuds and more! We’ll choose the winners based on total deposits to a Minor or UTMA account between April 1st and 30th.

Start your summer by saving with FFCU during National Youth Month!